Pilates Flow

pilates workouts May 27, 2020

Move with greater ease by working your mobility. This flow is designed to release tension, mobilise your spine and hips, stretch deep into hips, neck and shoulders. It will leave you feeling AMAZING!

Watch the workout here

10 x Cat Cow
8 x Thread the Needle each
Hold ALL Stretches for 45 sec
- Balance?
Prone Decompression Series:
Elbows Together, "W", "I" x 10 sec each x 3
45 sec - Child's Pose into
45 sec - Lat Stretches each
10 x Dart
8 x Roll Down Prep
8 x Spine Stretch
8 x Roll Downs
8 x Rolling Ball
8 x Spine Twist (each)
8 x Rollovers
20 x Single Leg Stretch
20 x Straight Leg Stretch
20 x Criss-Cross + 10 x Leg Lifts (each)
10 x Pilates Balls
Hip Mobility:
20 x Knee sways
20 x "Z" Sits
Glute Stretch 45 sec each
Pigeon - Optional Bind
10 x Pike Calf Raises
10 x Pike Twists
6 x Mermaids + 6 x Back Extension
10 x Rocker
45 sec Neck and Shoulder Stretches


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