Upper Body & Cardio Circuit - Home Workout Series.

workouts Apr 04, 2020

Here is a little inspiration for you (especially my clients) to keep moving throughout this period. It was actually fun changing scenery for a little bit.

The workout goes as follows:

RUN your block (or walk) for warm up.

Circuit ONE x 4 Rotations

A1: 12 x Push Up Renegade Rows
(sub in Push Up Front Raise if you have zero equipment)
B1: 40 x Mountain Climbers
C1: 12 x Bicep Curl & Press
(sub in inverted shoulder press)
D1: 15 x Tricep Dips

After 4 rounds RUN your block

Circuit TWO x 4 Rotations

A1: 12 x Push Up Side Planks
B1: 15 x Bent Over Reverse Fly
(sub in breaststroke “Pilates move”)
C1: 15 x Tricep Extension
(sub in Tricep iso-holds)
D1: 15 x Caterpillar Walks


ABS - AMRAP x 5 mins (as many rounds as possible in 5 mins)
20 x weighted sit up
20 x criss-cross
20 x single leg stretch

RUN AGAIN - Because why not.



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