Align Pilates Signature Classes

Come together, share energy and keep each other motivated! 

Align Pilates Reformer classes are an effective method to get more out of your Pilates class, with the use of the specialised Pilates Reformer Bed. Using the specific resistance, tension and movement of the reformer with a range of props, spring adjustments, and blocks.

Align  Pilates classes are always kept fresh and interesting by the passionate and attentive guidance of our dedicated instructors. Reformer Pilates offers a new technique to sculpt lean muscle and flexibility, with the support to accommodate injury rehabilitation and beginners all the way up to advanced students.

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Group Reformer Classes

Align Pilates Open classes offer a dynamic and challenging form of exercise with an emphasis on mind-body awareness. 

Based on the traditional and authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates. You'll find stillness and support to dramatically improve strength, posture, core, stability, physique and sense of well-being. 

 Our classes are always kept fresh and interesting, suitable for beginners all the way up to advanced students.


Beginners Classes

Align Pilates our Beginner classes are a fantastic form of exercise to get involved in if you’re looking to increase strength, improve balance, posture, and increase your overall wellness. 

Starting at a Beginner Pilates level you will be introduced to the basic principles of Pilates and find yourself performing simple exercises at a low resistance initially.


Elongate Classes

Elongate is our stretchy class. A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular styles of Align Pilates and other fitness regimes. Elongate targets the connective & fascia tissues of the body, finding length while relaxing the muscles on a deeper level. With focus on extensive holds to find deeper connection within every movement. 

Elongate improves mobility and is a powerful injury prevention tool, as the muscle learns to access & strengthen in extended ranges of motion.  An Elongate class can help to positively affect the parasympathetic nervous system, soothing the mind and body into a state of ultimate serenity.


Empower Classes

For those who LOVE Reformer Pilates and Fitness. Empower classes provide members with a challenging, full-body workout utilising fitness programming including cardio intervals for maximum results. 

In each class you will move through dynamic movements that range from Reformer based exercise to the fitness classics to build strength, cardio & endurance. 

Suitable for all levels. Empower classes will help to improve your fitness in a motivating, supportive environment with one-one-one correction and attention from our knowledgeable instructors.