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- Founding Director
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fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
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Emma loves to combine her natural physical talents with her deep desire to connect with people through teaching Pilates at Align. She finds empowering people to reach their health and fitness goals to be the most satisfying vocation of all. She went into business to be of service to my community in the best way she knows how!

Emma is passionate about optimising bodies. She focuses on deep strengthening through healthy alignment facilitated by functional exercises based in anatomical knowledge. Her class experience is deceptively challenging with a burn that comes the next day.

Since the age of 4, she was signed up for gymnastics training by her parents, which over the next 12 years became a way of life as she progressed to compete at elite levels. It was this initial exposure to the fitness industry at a young age which developed her innate desire, love and passion for health and wellbeing.

"I discovered Pilates on accident, I didn’t really know what it was. A mentor of mines friend was looking to train up a young enthusiastic girl. That was me.. so I got qualified in classical/clinical Pilates and continued my education to specialise in Reformer. Pilates changed the way I viewed movement, I feel like it gave me x-ray vision. I believe the whole world should do it!"

After teaching privately for nearly a decade in Australia, she moved back home to New Zealand in 2019 & observed the Pilates/Fitness industry was outdated. So she brought her expertise and progressive style to the New Zealand scene to make Pilates accessible, approachable & fun for the people of New Zealand to benefit from.

Over the past decade she has also attained Fitness, Personal Training, High Performance, Pre and Post Natal, Specialised Reformer Pilates, Rehab and Yoga Certifications. 

- Pilates Teacher

Inclusive, funny, empowered, vibrant, crafted, laid-back, strong
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Emma from a small town called Queenstown (not sure, you might've heard of it?), and grew up obsessed with many different sports from your classic kiwi ball sports (netball, basketball, touch), to equestrian sports on a nationally competitive level to skiing and biking in our amazing backyard. Having always loved movement and being active, it seemed inevitable that she would end up as a movement professional. Emma loves helping people discover the positive benefits movement can have in their life on a daily basis!
Emma has a personal training and group fitness background, having spent a couple of years as manager and head trainer over at F45 Training Queenstown,  which ignited her love of group training and passion for helping others through movement. She has coached equestrian sports for the past 10 years both in the Queenstown region and on an international level, and still spends time coaching up and coming riders around the region. Emma enjoys working with many different types of clients, from the elite to the everyday athlete. 

Emma's love of all things strength and conditioning and appreciator of all things mobility and recovery, She has fallen in love with the art of pilates and the positive benefits it has on people's minds and bodies. Reformer pilates is the perfect mash up of full body strengthening, mobility, posture, body alignment and functionality - everyone needs to try it! 

Her qualifications include Certificate IV in Matwork and Reformer Pilates, Certificate IV in Personal Training, GGS Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified and Punchfit Trainer Level 1 (boxing). This year she is studying towards a Diploma in Clinical Pilates which she is super excited about!

- Pilates Teacher 

knowledgable, graceful, intuitive, kind, strong, professional 

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Amber is passionate about teaching body movement, function and helping people to achieve optimum strength, mobility and flexibility. Amber has been teaching Pilates Mat and Yoga for over 10 years and developed the barre program, Barre Warrior. Amber has been teaching  for the past three years at Millbrook with the last 6 months teaching Reformer in Christchurch at Grounded Pilates and Balance Pilates after completing her Teacher Training with Reform. 

Movement training started at age 4 with ballet. An undergraduate degree in Contemporary Dance led to a master's degree in Fine Arts in Vienna with a minor in Performative Arts. During this time a professional career in dance and choreography emerged where she spent over 10 years performing and choreographing, alongside teaching yoga and dance in Europe. Having returned to New Zealand completed a Postgraduate degree in Choreography and Teaching at Auckland's Unitec. Amber had her own studio Barre Yoga in Auckland and has also managed studios and taught extensively in Australia.  

- Pilates Teacher 

friendly, kind, strategic, purpose-driven, fun-loving, proficient  

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Why do you love Pilates?
The versatility! I’m a mix bag of interests, I love yoga, running, boxing, dance, a whole whack of things and my workout depends 100% on my mood. I love that no matter how I’m feeling,  there’s a pilates class that fits the bill. (Also found it to be the ultimate morning workout! Starting laying down doing footwork until the endorphins get pumping is soo much better than jumping out of bed straight into burpees/weights) 


Why did you become an instructor?
I want to provide others with that 45 minute break in their day to breathe deeply and reconnect with themselves. I love being able to witness those moments when you’re stronger, more flexible, or have more stamina than the last time you tried a certain move


What makes your class special?
I hope connection! At the end of the day I’m here because I love connecting, I love how Pilates makes me feel, and that I want to help bring the same feeling to other people’s days. 


Why do you love teaching at Align Pilates?
The community! I’m so excited to get to know everyone and have the support of such a welcoming community

What are 3 x things people might not know about you? 
I’m Canadian
I love following the moon cycles/astrology 
I can recite word for word the entire Jim Carey Grinch movie 

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