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Mind Altering Pilates

Our Reformers will take you as far as your mind wants to travel one breathe at a time. All it takes is one class to go there. Will it be easy? Definitely not. But will it be fun? ABSOLUTELY 45 minutes - to go from stuck to soaring. Tired to inspired.

If you want something more than a workout. Come to class

Mental Shift

Imagine yourself walking into Align Pilates carrying the weight of the day, week, a whole year—and coming out fit, fine and focused.

The class is the same for everyone but your journey is unique. That space between chaos to calm is what we call a mental shift.

So the next time you’re on the Reformer make sure you look for it and you’ll find it.

Fun Classes

This one will be a little hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced it, so let us walk you through it.

Shoes off, head down, bum up. Upbeat music, glutes burning, heart rate rising and your mind is going places. One breath after another you keep up with the class, found muscles you have never felt before and look at you now, filled with life and vitality.

You had fun and you did more for your body, mind, and soul than you know. You’ve arrived—this is what you came for.

Somatic Coaching

When you’re on the reformer, breathing, gliding, flowing - in that blur between body and mind, you can let go. Because you’ll always be caught, your Align Pilates instructor will guide you and inspire you to do your best.

Lose yourself to find yourself. The journey is yours.

Your Community

The moment you walk into Align Pilates, you go from solo to surrounded, just like that. Tap into the energy of the room. Take space because you belong. On your brightest day and in your darkest hour—your community is here for you.

Refer a Friend

Wanna add your favourite friends to this community? Bring a new friend to Align on us!

First time at Align Pilates Tips:

When you arrive

Arriving 15 minutes before your class starts is key to having a whole Align Pilates experience. Trust us. A rushed set-up is no fun. And if you arrive after the class has already started we will not be able to accommodate you.

  • Once you get there, introduce yourself to someone at the front desk. 

  • They’ll show you around the space including the changing rooms, bathrooms, cubbyhole, the works!

  • They’ll also help you set-up your Reformer personal settings, show you the springs, how to use the footbar, hand straps, maple pole and other bells and whistles, sign the waiver, and anything else you may need for your class. You have to worry about nothing.

  • Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want, we love answering them


What you wear

Honestly, wear whatever you want, ensure that it is a little stretchy and has no sharp pointy parts.

We recommend going with your favorite workout gear that makes you feel good. A sports bra/top and form fitting leggings or shorts that stay out of the way when you go upside down. For our classes you’ll need grippy socks or bare feet - NO REGULAR SOCKS. We sell grippy socks if you choose to wear them. 

What you can expect

We MOVE and flow through movements—but feel free to sit down, take a break, chill out if you want to. Remember this is your journey

The playlists are curated by our instructors individually for each class. No two classes are ever the same.

The class experience:

Our class usually begins with a warm-up, then we move on to bigger muscle groups to generate heat and circulation, refocus with a core and upper body series and end with a restorative stretch.

You can choose from our classic Group Reformer Class classes, pick up the pace with an Empower class or master the fundamentals in our Beginners Classes - it’s a whole different vibe!

Our classes feel a lot like a dance. It is upbeat and fun. We flow through the class and are constantly moving, we offer beginner and intermediate options in all of our classes & have tailored classes for those who like it a bit slower called Beginners. Mixed levels are welcome in all classes, you are never too good for the basics.  


What you leave on the Reformer what you take with you

So this was almost like a crash course wasn’t it.

Now, when you come to class with us, you know to look for the shift, leave whatever weighs you down on the Reformer, and walk out feeling grounded, revitalized, and inspired—taking this energy into the world.

We align you, so you can live your full potential. 

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