Group Reformer Classes

Come together, share energy and keep each other motivated! 

ALIGN Reformer classes are an effective method to get more out of your Pilates class, with the use of the specialised Pilates Reformer Bed. Using the specific resistance, tension and movement of the reformer with a range of props, spring adjustments, and blocks.

ALIGN Pilates classes are always kept fresh and interesting by the passionate and attentive guidance of our dedicated instructors. Reformer Pilates offers a new technique to sculpt lean muscle and flexibility, with the support to accommodate injury rehabilitation and beginners all the way up to advanced students.



What To Expect 

A GREAT WORKOUT: 45 min dynamic Pilates Reformer class to enhance your strength, flexibility, posture and coordination 

LOTS OF CLASSES: We have 15 x Reformer Beds and multiple classes running everyday with a deep emphasis on core and full body conditioning. 

SUPPORT: Every class is guided by a highly qualified and experienced teacher who can modify the class for injuries or restrictions.

ATMOSPHERE: A beautifully designed studio, friendly staff, lots of fun, good tunes, lots of smiles and a little bit of sweat!


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"Our mission is make Pilates accessible, approachable and fun for people to enjoy enhancing their physical and mental well-being"

- Emma Cochrane